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InfoMod provides a clean, intuitive interface for displaying all the hidden or otherwise tedious to calculate information not shown by the base game. It is a UI enhancement mod that replaces unneccessary tool tips with beautiful, functional displays.

From tracking potion drop chance, to question floor probabilities, to card drop chances and more - InfoMod gives players quick access to the information required to make high level choices, without needing to pull out a calculator!

None of the information within InfoMod is unavailable without the mod - it doesn't provide cheaty insights into a run that you wouldn't be able to determine without it. It simply exists as a convienient and accessible extension to the base game interface to supply that information when needed.

InfoMod's tool tip oriented design lets it stay uncluttered and out of the way when unneeded, providing a near vanilla experience but with the option to explore the maths in greater detail when desired.

InfoMod screenshot